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We have medical supply and equipment distributors and manufacturers ready to meet your requirements, needs and expectations.

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First in Quality, Foremost in Service and at the Forefront of Our Industry

We are your trusted provider of quality medical supplies and equipment with overall compliance to customer satisfaction and excellence in medical support. We also value contractual benefits and healthcare ethics. As one of your leaders spearheading effective programs for healthcare and national purchasing support, AOSS Medical Supply strives to give you superior customer care to exceed all of your hospital needs.

Our online offers amount to exactly what you need when you prefer temporary home medication than the long hour stay in the hospital. This situation often occurs that's why we have medical supply and equipment distributors and manufacturers ready to meet your requirements, needs and expectations. We suggest that you try our effective Emergency Medical Services (EMS) products such as bandages, defibrillators and tourniquets to name a few. With EMS supplies and equipment you can be sure that you are safe as recommended by healthcare experts and medical specialists allowing you to treat yourself with our friendly offers available online.

Our dependable sales team composes of distributors, suppliers and manufacturers guarantee quality result due to their adeptness and awareness of all your hospital needs. Our product line has been tested and proved by experts to appropriate medication and draw you away from potential health risks. We have a mission designed for our customers, and that is to secure customer satisfaction through the principled protocol of quality distribution of medical supplies and equipment and to practice professionalism and honesty with integrity.

We have an online medical sale portal offering a variety of products: EMS supplies; acupuncture supplies; diabetic supplies; home healthcare; orthopedic; nursing and many more. Make an online visit and you will see the best hospital equipment and supplies that will fit you. Through the merged effort of our distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and other experts in the field, we painstakingly adopt the AdvaMed code and implement the following services:

• A dedicated and experienced 'certified' customer service and professional national sales team.
• Convenient and easy ordering options including phone, fax, and Internet.
• Customized order forms for reordering.
• Fax-back order confirmation and back-order notification.
• Comprehensive catalog, literature and samples featuring products
• specifically of interest to the type of patient served by your facility.

Call us NOW at 1-(800)-462-8310 toll free or at (318)-325-8290. We have two distribution centers to serve you; one in Louisiana, the other in Utah. Thank you and enjoy our site!
Our Mission and Core Values

To be continuous in customer satisfaction, beyond what is expected. Our core objective is to meet and exceed our customers' requirements in manufacturing and distributing quality products, while delivering superior service. We continually strive for excellence in every aspect of our company!

One of AOSS Medical Supply's competitive strengths is our strict adherence to being an ethical company with integrity. Because AOSS holds a position of leadership in the industry, we want to ensure our dedication to maintaining the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty and common sense, which are the heart of the company's philosophy, values and corporate standards. As a company, AOSS does not own dialysis clinics which would be a conflict to the relationships we have developed with valued customers and colleagues.

With two distribution centers to serve your medical supply needs:

Corporate Office 4971 Central Avenue Monroe, Louisiana 71203

Corporate Office
4971 Central Avenue
Monroe, Louisiana 71203

Mid-West Distribution Center 130 South 5100 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Mid-West Distribution Center
130 South 5100 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

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